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IPv6 Routing and 10G Ethernet Switch Solutions for SMBs
PLANET GS-5220-16T4S2X and GS-5220-16T4S2XR Layer 2+ Managed Gigabit Switches support both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and hardware Layer 3 static routing capability, and provide 16 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports4 additional Gigabit SFP slots and 2 10G SFP+ uplink slots. The GS-5220-16T4S2X series can handle extremely large amounts of data in a secure topology linking to a data center/service provider backbone or high capacity servers. They can work with a 10Gbps SFP+ server adapter to help SMBs build the 10Gbps Ethernet network providing 10Gbps NAS (Network Attached Storage) or heavy transmission of video streaming service at an affordable price.

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